Birth of the First Generation of Punk (1989/90 – 1995)
Talking about the first generation of punk in Jakarta can not be separated from some of the actors who are members in groups like the Anti Septic, Young Offender (YO), South Sex (SS) and the South Primitive (SP). At this period 89/90-1995 Anti Septic and Young Offender is a group that has a major influence on the dynamics of this punk community.
Anti Septic arguably the first punk band Jakarta. At least this can be seen from involvement in the Pid Give Pub, and involvement in the event Anti Septic thrash metal music scene in 1990, held by the MOTOR (Morbid trasher Organization).
While the Young Offender is tongkrongan group (collective) first in Jakarta. In addition, the Young Offender can also be regarded as the first group of organizers of special events punk music.
Anti Septic formation can not be separated from the friendship that exists between the Rate and Acid. In early 1990, Give reunited with Acid at a music event at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ). Back then, Acid (guitar / vocals) with Flying-Fox (bass) and Gandung (drums) are joined in bandDickhead perform in situ. Dickhead brought the songs of the legendary West punk group, Misfit and the Exploited. Dickhead when the song “Fucking USA” from the Exploited, Acid lyrics are brought to forget it. Finally, Acid asks the audience to help him sing the song.
Berries are among the audience went up the stage, singing the song “Fucking USA” along with a dickhead. Off stage, went Acid Rate, invited him to form a new band. Anti Septic formed as the first punk band and the history of the first generation began etched. Different from the Stupid dickhead or seasonal nature, Anti Septic consistently punk flag.
The first stage is the Anti Septic in South Jakarta Bulungan Youth Arena in the event MOTOR (Morbid Thrasher Organization). There, viewers who dominated their metalmentertawakan thrash music, because music they play is different from the trend.In addition, the appearance of Anti Septic personnel with highly contrasting pieces of shaved by a majority of music lovers thrash. Septic action stage is jumping up and down and doing stage diving is also a laughingstock. The first action Septic is only supported by about 12 people in the crowd who sang along and do the slam dancing in front of the stage.
Important events took place a year later while playing in Granada Anti Septic (Graha Full Yudha) in the Rock and Rhytm. At that time, the formation of Septic has changed. Bass player, Flying-Fox, resigned and was replaced by Lukman Buluk. Lukman Buluk in 1990 was one of 12 people who watch the show Septic GOR Bulungan MOTOR in it.
Give and unexpectedly by Acid, the audience that supports them grow in number.Before their show at the Granada is typically only supports a maximum of 30 spectators.In Granada, for the first time, Septic played before more than 100 spectators.Apparently their appearance at the Granada was eagerly awaited by the audience of music lovers this punk crossover. Music event to be chaotic, Septic fans slam dancing and moshing.Acara turned into benches tossed arena. Septic steering committee asked to stop playing. But they refused, the audience also asked them to continue to play a song. This event marks an important moment that punk community began to grow.
In 1992 there was a club in the Jewel-Gatot Subroto number called Black Hole. This place is often visited by children Jakarta metal. Give yourself often attending events at the club. Music played in the Black Hole is especially Nirvana, Pearl Jam, danJane’s Addiction to progressive music. In this club for the first time Give met with a bunch of kids dressed punk ala Sex Pistols and The Exploited.
Black Hole to witness history tongkrongan punk group formed the first Jakarta. Give gangs are identified by members of the Young Offender. Young Offenderdengan hair spiky hair and his Mohawk begin their existence with a show at the Black Hole.Submission, one of the band under the umbrella of the Young Offender, with Ondy as a vocalist, a band still in there. They brought the songs from British bands from the Sex Pistols, The Exploited, GBH and the Blitz. Then, in 1992, it recorded the birth of two influential groups in the period of the first generation of punk New York: Anti Septic as the first punk band danYoung Offender as the first punk groups hang out in Jakarta.